Why Give to NSC?

Why Give to the National Safety Council?

The National Safety Council works to save lives and prevent injuries by educating and empowering youth and adults to make choices that keep each other safe.

Every day, we work to identify emerging risks to human safety and create effective solutions to help individuals, employers and community leaders; encouraging all to partner with us to achieve our mission to eliminate preventable deaths in our lifetime.

Philanthropic contributions are critical as we strive to create a nation focused on the safety of one another. The National Safety Council leads a variety of programs and projects that rely on philanthropic support that help us achieve our goals to:

Keep You Safe at Home

More than 100 people die from opioid pain medications every day. NSC is leading the way in creating policies and educational platforms to engage the community in addressing this devastating crisis. Contributions support our efforts to educate the public, prescribers, legislators and employers about the opioid epidemic and the roles each of us can take to bring about change.

Keep You Safe on the Road

In 2018, an estimated 40,000 people lost their lives to car crashes. Contributions support NSC’s efforts to develop interventions, programs and policies to increase attentive driving, improve teen driving skills and instill safer driving habits for everyone on the road.

Keep You Safe at Work

NSC was founded in 1913 to make workplaces safer for employees. More than a century later, we continue to identify what is causing workplace accidents and are committed to finding innovative interventions to make your workplace safe. Today, fatigue is one of the most critical worker safety issues, and it is largely unaddressed in the workplace.

Support from individuals, corporations and foundations who want to make a difference is essential to tackle the ever-growing issue of safety in our world. With your help, we can make safety a priority in our communities, on the road and at work. Here’s how you can help: