Lesson 10

Lesson 10

Lesson 10: The Dangers of Distracted Driving: Pedestrians

In addition to other drivers, there are many other things and people to watch out for on the road.

  1. Practice anticipating what pedestrians and others will do

    • On the next practice drive with teens, point out people on or near the road who aren’t driving a car.
    • Have teens check their mirrors for cyclists who may be approaching or passing your car.
    • Encourage teens to stop for pedestrians trying to cross the road (it’s the law in many areas).
    • In residential areas, be especially mindful of kids and pets. Alert teens to be aware of toys in driveways. They can be a key indicator that children are present in the area.
    • Don’t ignore parked cars. Someone may open their door without checking for oncoming traffic.
    • Similar to the lesson of anticipating what other drivers will do, have your teen point out these potential hazards and have them explain what they would do to avoid them. Add any additional advice you have after they answer.
    • Switch places. Drive a similar route and point out what you see. Have teens add their impressions of the scene.
    • This is a good exercise to repeat a few times with your teen driver.

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