Lesson 25

Lesson 25

Lesson 25: Judging the Gap, Part 4: Changing Lanes

Changing lanes is something experienced drivers do every day without a second thought; however, it requires a lot of skill. Teen drivers will have trouble changing lanes at first.

  1. Practice changing lanes
    For this practice lesson, go out with teens and have them practice changing lanes with no cars around.

    • Have them check mirrors, turn on the signal, check their blind spot and calculate if they have enough space to change lanes, all while keeping the car straight and at a steady speed.
    • Point out any steps they missed so they can improve.
    • Once they feel comfortable with these steps, let them merge behind another car, but with no car behind them. This lets teens experience what it is like to watch ahead even as they have to check behind them for other cars.

  2. Practice more complicated driving situations
    Finally, let teens merge between two cars. Make sure they are going through the proper steps, and they merge only when you allow them. This will help show them the proper amount of space they should have before changing lanes. They should practice these skills on multilane roads, as well as expressways, when you feel they are ready.

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