Lesson 28

Lesson 28

Lesson 28: Watching Out for Road Hazards

Drivers expect to encounter cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles on the road, but there are plenty of other things your teen will have to keep an eye out for like debris and road hazards. The potential hazard may vary depending on road type or weather, but the skills needed to avoid them are the same.

  1. Potential hazards
    Drivers may encounter anything from crash debris to something that fell off a truck to branches from a storm on the road.

  2. Practice for road hazards
    When heading out for a drive, have your teen assess the situations that you are likely to face on your route. Did it storm recently? Are you traveling on a highway? Is sand leaking off the truck in front of you? Is something likely to fall off the roof of that car over there? Is that part of a tire in the road ahead?

  3. How to prepare for road hazards
    Teach your teen to scan the road and have them keep a special eye out for debris and other hazards. Remind them not to tailgate. Practicing the three-second distance rule gives drivers more time to avoid road hazards.

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