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Lesson 3: How to Back up Safely

Not every teen starts their car trip backing down a driveway, but many do. Learning how to drive in reverse is important skill which requires practice. Remember, at this stage in your teen’s driving experience, driving forward can be challenging enough. Driving in reverse may seem overwhelming at times.

  1. How to practice driving in reverse
    The best place to practice is in a big parking lot with no light posts or other obstructions. Set up cones or cardboard boxes for your teen to maneuver around or between as they drive forward. Next, have them try the same course in reverse. Try this at different speeds.

  2. Important reminders

    • Before backing up, have teens look over their right shoulder to see out of the rear window.
    • Make sure the left hand is at the top of the steering wheel.
    • Very little steering is required to travel in a straight line.
    • Remind teens to keep looking behind them until they stop the car.

  3. Reverse in real life
    When drivers are ready, ask them to drive in reverse down driveways or in other locations where they are likely to need to back up.

    Remind them to look for cars and pedestrians when they are travelling in reverse, just as they do when they are driving forward. Assure them that they should not be afraid to take their time backing out; visibility is often restricted.

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