Lesson 32

Lesson 32

Lesson 32: Potential Road Hazards: Trucks

  1. Why large trucks can be a hazard
    Teens will encounter trucks almost everywhere they drive. These behemoths of the road should be treated with care and caution. Trucks can’t stop as fast as cars can, truck drivers have limited ability to see around their huge vehicles, they make wider turns and, depending on the load, they might unintentionally spill rocks or other debris on the roadway or blast you with rain or snow if you are following too closely behind them.

  2. How to drive around large trucks
    If your teen comes up on a truck, the rule of thumb is that if they can’t see the driver, the driver can’t see them. Remind teens to slow down if a truck is going to change lanes in front of them. They should try to avoid driving next to a truck, as any changes in speed could put them in a blind spot without much notice. When merging in front of or behind a truck, make sure teens allow for extra room. Generally, if teens know to treat trucks with caution and respect, they should be safe.

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