Lesson 33

Lesson 33

Lesson 33: How to Regain Control of Your Car

Despite our best driving efforts, there are times when you may lose control of your car. It will also happen to your teen. Here is how to regain control in these situations.

  1. What to do in inclement weather
    Losing control of your vehicle is not always avoidable. However, there are other times, such as in inclement weather or when other hazards are obvious, that drivers may be able to anticipate this danger. In these conditions the best thing your teen driver can do is slow down. This may reduce the chance of losing control of the car.

  2. What to do if you lose control
    If loss of control occurs due to a flat tire, a patch of wet leaves, gravel roads, oil, snow and ice or some other hazard, there are some actions you can teach teens to help them regain control of the vehicle. Advise teens:

    • To remain calm no matter what. Panicking won’t help.
    • To watch where they want to go, not where they are going.
    • To point the wheels toward the direction they want to go in.
    • Not to slam on the brakes, but to ease up on the gas pedal. If the car has anti-lock brakes, apply firm pressure to slow the vehicle instead of pumping the brake pedal.
    • To avoid skids, brake before a curve, not during it. Try to brake while in a straight line and coast through the curve.
    • If a gas pedal sticks, shift to neutral and apply the brakes.

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