Lesson 35

Lesson 35

Lesson 35: How to U-Turn

A U-turn is something your teen may never have needed to execute during their permit stage, but it is something they will have to do eventually. Judging the gap and controlling the car through a full 180-degree turn can be more challenging than regular left and right turns.

  1. Practicing U-Turns
    Practicing a U-turn is fairly simple in a parking lot with a cone or cardboard box. Have the cone or box represent a barrier in the middle of the road between lanes. Ask your teen to try a U-turn around the cone or box. The next step is to try a U-turn on a road. Start in low-traffic areas. Have teens practice judging the gap in traffic to make sure they know how much time and space they need to safely execute a U-turn. They should also be aware of the car they’re driving—how tightly it turns and how much room it needs to execute the U-turn without hitting the curb or needing to stop and back up while traffic is coming at them. Some cars can turn on a dime; others require more room.
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