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Lesson 36: How to Deal with Aggressive and Unsafe Drivers

How will your teen know if someone is an aggressive driver, drunk or driving in a way that is a threat to others on the road? It is important to make sure your teen knows how to identify and avoid aggressive or unsafe drivers.

  1. How to identify an aggressive driver
    Is the driver speeding or tailgating? Is the driver passing on the shoulder or making frequent and sudden lane changes? Is the driver weaving or disregarding traffic signals?

  2. Help your teen practice identifying unsafe drivers
    Get in the car together and ask your teen to identify aggressive or problem behaviors exhibited by other drivers. Scanning the road will help with this task. Discuss the dangerous driving behaviors you both observe.

  3. What to do if your teen encounters an aggressive driver
    If your teen encounters an aggressive or other unsafe driver, make sure your teen puts plenty of space between your car and the other driver’s car. If necessary, have your teen gradually slow down or pull over for a moment to let the other car travel ahead. At intersections, your teen should allow the aggressive driver through first to be on the safe side. You may consider calling in and reporting the car if you feel they are posing a threat to other drivers. Make sure your teen knows to do the same if they feel unsafe when driving alone.

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