Lesson 37

Lesson 37

Lesson 37: How to Use Signals Properly

Signaling should be something you and your teen practice each time either of you is behind the wheel. This week, make an effort to signal each time it is called for.

  1. Why signaling is important
    Using signals properly alerts other drivers to your intentions. This makes it safer for you and for them. Many experienced drivers tend to get lazy about signaling—not the best way for a role model to behave!

    Remind teens to always signal, even if they don’t see any people or vehicles around. They can sometimes appear when you are not expecting them.

  2. When to use a signal
    The most obvious use is the turn signal. Remind teens to:

    • Signal before they are about to turn.
    • Signal before they change lanes (remind them to look in mirrors and over their shoulder).
    • Signal before they turn toward or away from the curb.

    Other signals include tapping your brakes when slowing instead of engine braking. This lets other drivers know you are slowing down.

  3. Gentle reminders
    When you go for a drive with your teen, gently remind them when they don’t use a signal that they should. This will help build the action into a habit!

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