Lesson 40

Lesson 40

Lesson 40: How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Driving

Even if you don’t live in the northern states, winter affects us all. Oftentimes no matter where we live, we take trips through snow and ice. Teens will need to know how to prepare their cars each year to be safe. Walk them through these tips this year so they know what to do for years to come!

  1. How to get your car ready for winter

    • If you are not driving on all-season tires, change to winter tires. All-weather tires may be fine for occasional winter driving, but winter tires perform much better in snowy and icy conditions.
    • Get your battery tested. Cold temperatures can finish off a weak battery, causing your car to break down.
    • Have your exhaust and suspension systems checked to make sure they are working properly.
    • Put on winter wiper blades and make sure your windshield washer fluid will not freeze.
    • Stock your car with a winter emergency kit in case the car breaks down and you or your teen end up stranded. Make sure it includes AT LEAST water, blankets and flashlights.
    • Always share your route/destination with someone else.

You can find more winter-readiness tips from the National Safety Council here as well.

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