Lesson 44

Lesson 44

Lesson 44: How to Parallel Park

Parallel parking can be a bit of a challenge until teens get the hang of it. Here are some tips on how to practice with them. We recommend practicing in a safe place with cones first before your teen tries to park with other cars.

  1. Steps for parallel parking
    You may want to demonstrate the proper technique before your teen tries to parallel park. Then guide them through these steps:

    • Look for a space six feet longer than your car; this should make it easier to park.
    • Check traffic. Teens should use the turn signal to indicate they are parking.
    • Pull up beside the car in front of the space where they intend to park (about two feet in front).
    • Check traffic and shift into reverse. Remind teens to look over their shoulder and begin to back up slowly.
    • Have them turn the steering wheel sharply curbside as they back up; this should happen at the about the same time as the nose of their car passes the rear bumper of the car they’re parking behind.
    • Have them continue backing up slowly into the space while checking their mirrors.
    • Once they get the car halfway into the space, they should turn the wheel away from the curb.
    • They should continue turning the wheel as they back up into the space, keeping an eye on the nose of the car so they don’t clip the car in front of them.
    • Remind them to make sure they don’t clip the car behind them either. A safe distance of one foot from the curb is ideal.
    • Straighten out the wheel and pull forward or back in the space to center the car.

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