Lesson 46

Lesson 46

Lesson 46: Sharing the Road with Two-Wheel Vehicles

Your teen will share the road with motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles. Their size makes these vehicles particularly vulnerable. Remind your teen they need special attention.

  1. When you drive with your teen this week, see if you can spot any two-wheel vehicles and discuss these safety behaviors:

    • Remind teens to check carefully for these vehicles before they make a right turn. The drivers of two-wheel vehicles sometimes try to squeeze between your car’s right side and the curb.
    • Remind them to check mirrors carefully before they make lane changes. Then they should turn their head quickly to check their blind spot. These small vehicles can easily get lost in blind spots.
    • Leave more following distance when following one of these vehicles—five or six seconds rather than three. Two-wheel vehicles are lighter and can stop faster than cars. An extra margin of safety lets you stop before crashing into one!
    • Be careful when parking and opening a door—particularly if you are parked on the side of the road closest to the bike lane. It is sometimes difficult to see two-wheel vehicles, and you wouldn’t want them to crash into your door if you open it right in front of them.

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