Lesson 7

Lesson 7

Lesson 7: How to Drive Safely in Rainy Weather (Part 2)

More rain in the forecast? Then it’s time to drive to an indoor destination with your teen—maybe to the mall, a movie, lunch or coffee.

  1. A refresher on driving in the rain
    With teen drivers behind the wheel:

    • Provide a refresher on the proper operation of the lights, windshield wipers and the defroster.
    • Remind them that their headlights need to be on when it is raining, even in the daytime.
    • Remind them that as difficult as it is for them to see when it is raining heavily, other drivers are having difficulty noticing them on the road, too.

  2. Travel an unfamiliar route
    Find a destination you haven’t driven to before. Consider driving over a few different road types. The goal is to gradually introduce your teen to driving in different conditions on different road types under different lighting conditions, all under your watchful eye.

  3. Risks to keep in mind

    • Remind teen drivers that when it first starts to rain, they should be especially careful. As the first rain drops mix with oils on the roads, this will create especially slippery spots.
    • They should avoid deep puddles.
    • Watch for floodwaters. Teens shouldn’t drive through them even if they’re “standing.” A car might feel big, but water is powerful—only a foot of water can sweep a car off the road! Only six inches of water can cause loss of control of a car.
    • As a rule, they will need to slow down and anticipate stops, intersections and curves to avoid hydroplaning or skidding.

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