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Employer Resources

Begin Addressing Teen Safe Driving in Your Organization

Preventable deaths are at an all-time high in America; every three minutes someone dies from something preventable. For teens, the No. 1 cause of death is car crashes. While not all of your employees are parents of teens, many might be or will be soon.

You can help the National Safety Council protect everyone on the road by promoting the message of teen safe driving in your workplace. Ideal times to promote teen driving messages include:

  • Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April
  • Global Youth Traffic Safety Month in May
  • National Safety Month in June
  • National Teen Safe Driving Week during the third week of October

NSC has created a variety of free resources you can use to engage your workforce:

  1. Posters to display prominently in the workplace

  2. 5 Minute Safety Talk, designed to help you lead a discussion on teen safe driving

  3. Presentation: Steer Your Teen Down the Right Road

  4. Infographics you can place in emails, display on LCD TV screens, share on social media and use in blog posts

  5. Social media videos

  6. New Driver Deal, a parent-teen agreement to ensure rules related to driving are followed and understood

As an employer, you can use your communication channels to get the word out on the importance of teen safe driving and help keep your employees and their loved ones safe.

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