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Become an NSC Safety Ambassador

As my passion for safety developed, I decided to become a Safety Ambassador. Not only did NSC provide entertaining posts regarding holidays, but they had crucial information regarding everyday life. Driving safety became my personal mission, considering it is the most dangerous thing we do every day. As each of us complete our daily tasks, it can be easy to become complacent, going through the motions, but NSC offers relevant information to help guarantee each of us gets home safe from our respective professions. It is an honor to be a point of contact for Shirley Parsons with such a reputable safety organization as the National Safety Council.
Massimo Navarresta

You Can Make a Difference in Safety

The National Safety Council Safety Ambassador Program recognizes individuals and companies for their efforts to keep their co-workers, neighbors and loved ones safe.

The program emphasizes the use of NSC materials, tools and resources for Safety Ambassadors to reach their desired audience to prevent injuries and save lives.

Safety Ambassadors can use NSC provided tools and resources for a safety meeting, safety stand-down or fair, or to community groups and individuals outside of the workplace.

You can get started in three easy steps: Sign up, complete an activity and report back to us. Learn more about the program here.

Learn about all the ways you can engage with NSC; visit