Keeping Opioids Out of Communities

Experts at the National Safety Council know that physicians can be leaders in attacking the opioid epidemic by embracing new research and modifying old prescribing habits.

NSC has spoken to some of these physicians, who buck the status quo and adopt a protocol that greatly reduces the number of opioids that end up in circulation.

Two surgeons in Ohio have decreased the amount of opioids prescribed by 74%. After examining their data at the end of 2016, they had prescribed 41,850 fewer opioid pills than the previous 12 months.

Another American surgeon got new insight on prescribing methods after a trip to a third world country. He went from skeptic to believer in just a few months.

There is no evidence that long-term opioid use is effective at reducing chronic pain. In fact, there is new evidence from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that using an opioid for more than seven days doubles the chance of use one year later.