Home Safety: Tools & Resources

Home Safety: Tools and Resources

When tackling a job, it is smart to start with the right tools. When tackling safety, it is smart to start with a look inside the National Safety Council toolbox. NSC provides tools and resources to help you identify risks and plan for safety solutions.

Seasonal Safety

Winter, spring, summer or fall, whether you are getting your lawn ready for summer or preparing Thanksgiving dinner, we offer lots of safety tips you can share with co-workers, family members and friends.

Safety Checkup

Take the NSC Safety Checkup to get your personal safety snapshot. Know your risks and learn how you can prevent injuries to yourself and your family.

Odds of Dying

NSC, through its analysis of statistical data, is able to determine a person’s odds of dying from heart disease, cancer, poisoning – and many other causes, including crashes involving motor vehicles. The odds are statistical averages over the U.S. population.

Injury Facts

One American is injured every second and one is killed every three minutes as a result of a drug overdose, vehicle crash, fall, drowning or other preventable incident. NSC produces Injury Facts, your go-to source for injury and death statistics and their related costs.

Rx Community Action Kit

More than 43,000 people die from drug overdose in the United States each year, many from opioid painkillers like hydrocodone and oxycodone. The NSC Prescription Drug Community Action Kit is a first step to mobilizing your community and addressing prescription drug misuse and overdose.

SafetyFirst Blog

SafetyFirst is the official blog of the National Safety Council. From gun violence data to life-saving first aid efforts, keep up with safety trends, safety solutions and safety newsmakers.