Convince Your Boss

Convincing Your Boss

Tell your boss: National Safety Council membership is an investment that saves your organization money and boosts your employee morale and productivity.

Making the Case for NSC Membership

You understand the importance of safety within your organization, but perhaps your supervisor isn't sold on the idea of a comprehensive program for safety in the workplace. So how do you convince your supervisor otherwise?

Objections to NSC membership often are money-related, but NSC membership actually saves your organization money. The Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety found that there is a $3 to $6 savings for every $1 an organization invests in safety.

Or, maybe your supervisor complains of the inconvenience of implementing a comprehensive safety program. But is implementation really inconvenient when it saves your organization money, reduces employee injury, and increases employee morale and productivity?

We'd argue that National Safety Council Membership pays for itself.

To learn more, and to make a fuller case, download Preparing the Business Case for Investment in Safety before talking with your boss.

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