Guidance Regarding Virtual Classroom Offerings

Guidance for Temporary Virtual Classroom Offerings

NSC is working towards offering virtual training solutions for some of our Defensive Driving Courses (DDC). However, until those offerings are available, we are taking steps to support your immediate need for virtual classroom options. To that end, NSC is providing important information that governs how you may temporarily leverage virtual classroom technology to deliver current DDC courses using existing curriculum.

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Requirements for Providing Temporary DDC Virtual Courses

  • Ensure that each student receives a brand new physical NSC Student Guide (and Self-Assessment Profile for ADD) prior to participating in the course (Alive @ 25, ADD, 10th Ed, etc.). This will require advanced planning to ensure delivery of the material before the course begins.
  • There can be no more than 20 people in any virtual class, and confirmation of student identity must ensure the necessary security around personally identifiable information.
  • The Training Center will leverage a virtual classroom technology of your choosing and will ensure:
    • Each student can see the instructor and the instructor’s screen
    • The instructor can continually see each student
    • The chosen technology is capable of streaming the high definition multimedia content contained in the course curriculum; here's an example
  • All DDC courses must continue to be taught as designed and with no modifications to the content (group activities become individual activities or class discussions when appropriate).

This temporary virtual classroom solution will be valid for up to 60 days or until traditional classroom training resumes or NSC has launched a new virtual classroom program(s). When that occurs, all temporary virtual classroom programs will cease.

It is important to note that the NSC Student Course Guides are copyright protected and cannot be duplicated or printed and distributed. Therefore, you will need to work directly with NSC to purchase physical copies of the course guides and arrange for those guides to be delivered to each student, before the course begins.

Thank you. Be safe.