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Online Distracted Driving Course

The NSC Distracted Driving Online Course motivates drivers to change their risky behaviors and attitudes about distracted driving. The course offers an engaging, interactive format to educate drivers about the risks, dangers and consequences of cell phone use while driving. Participants learn about the science and impact of distracted driving, myths about multitasking, financial and legal ramifications, and state and federal laws. Real-life driving scenarios and incident evaluation provide participants the opportunity to think about their current risk level and track how those attitudes change during the course. 

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Delivered in a 90-minute and 45-minute format, the content will vary between courses.

  • 90-minute course offers the most comprehensive, data-driven content related to distracted driving. The curriculum is tailored to the participant’s profile, risk-level, behaviors and attitudes about distracted driving. A self-assessment sets the pace for the course by delivering appropriate content, videos, driving scenarios, activities and exercises based on the individual’s risk-level. A re-assessment and evaluation of the participant’s behavior, attitudes and risk-level concludes the course. Organizations can include their corporate cell-phone policy in the course.
  • 45-minute course contains the primary learning points from the 90-minute course. The abridged version contains many of the same videos, exercises and scenarios from the full-length program. A basic self-assessment identifies the participant’s driving behavior, attitude and risk-level with a re-assessment at the end of the course. An organization does not have the option to include their corporate cell phone policy in the abbreviated version.
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Employees who use a mobile device while driving are four times more likely to crash. Watch this video to learn more about the devastating consequences of distracted driving.

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