Defensive Driving Training for Your Employees

The #1 cause of employee death is motor vehicle collisions.

The most dangerous part of your employees' workday is when they're on the road. Just one work-related motor vehicle collision with injuries could affect your organization's productivity and finances, but more importantly, the health and future of your employees.

National Safety Council Driver Safety curriculum is at the forefront of knowledge about driver behavioral patterns, attitudes and habits. Work toward zero employee crashes with these training options:

NSC Defensive Driving Safety Courses Are

  • Standardized across the nation
  • Taught using proven, research-based techniques
  • Updated to reflect the latest traffic and behavioral data

NSC can meet the needs of any size organization, its employees, drivers and range of vehicle types. Courses can be taught on site, in a classroom or online, or you can become a certified Defensive Driving instructor within your organization.

The National Safety Council delivers defensive drivin safety training in a variety of affordable options and formats:

  • Become a certified Defensive Driving Instructor to train your employees
  • Have an NSC certified Defensive Driving instructor come to your facility
  • Enroll your employees in a course at a local Defensive DrivingTraining Center
  • Take a Defensive Driving Course using our flexible online option
  • Select from DVD-based self-study or classroom packaged programs

“NSC Defensive Driving Courses set a high standard in driver safety training and is a major reason our preventable accident rate per 100,000 miles has decreased from 1.28 to an all-time low of .74 per 100,000 miles.”

Don J. Frazier, Fleet Safety & Training Supervisor, OmniTrans