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Chairman's Message

I’d like to welcome you to the National Safety Council Government and Public-Sector Division. Our Division is composed of an impressive group of safety and health professionals representing a broad range of government and public sector organizations. Through our Division, we can collaborate on ideas, discuss challenges and share resources to promote and improve public sector safety and health. We are also determined to reduce the rate of injuries in public sector workplaces which are consistently higher than private sector workplaces.

Our Division conducts a bi-monthly business conference call and brief webinar on the second Monday of February, April, June, August and November 2020 at 11 a.m. EST. You will receive email invites for these calls, which are an opportunity to discuss the business of the Division and work together on initiatives and goals.

Our Division's vision is “to be recognized as the leading safety resource for government and public sector organizations.” Our mission is achieved through “facilitating the identification, evaluation and provision of safety resources and best practices through the collaboration of Division members.”

Our Division values are:

  • Safety as Strategy for Effective and Efficient Government. The safety, health and survival of government and public-sector workers is the key to effective and efficient government at every level. While cost effective government is paramount, investment in a safe and healthful government and public-sector workplace today is a more prudent strategy than the addressing a worker injury or fatality tomorrow.
  • Strengthening the Community of Government and Public-Sector Safety Professionals. Safety professionals in government and public-sector organizations are critical to the success of a workplace safety system. Given the vast array of services provided by government, it is not possible for any individual to have safety related expertise in every area, therefore the variety of expertise of the community of safety professionals is an invaluable asset. The ability of the division to facilitate connections between safety professionals is a priority.
  • Diversity of Methods. While government and public-sector safety professionals have similar goals and objectives, the methods employed to achieve these goals will vary based on the purposes, constraints, initiatives and opportunities available to both the organization and the safety professional.
  • Evidence Based Effort. The division will focus its resources on efforts that improve the safety culture of government and public-sector organizations in an evidence based manner.

We look forward to your input and participation in the Division!

– Maria Mitchell
Manager, Risk Management and Safety (Retired)
Miami-Dade County

Government & Public Sector Division Leadership

Mitchell Maria Mitchell, MS, CSM-Safety, CSM-Sustainability
[email protected]
Former Manager, Risk Management and Safety, Miami-Dade County
Editor, Florida Occupational Injury and Illness Coalition Journal, Florida Department of Health
Government & Public Sector Division Chair
Worden Cory Worden
[email protected]
Safety Advisor, Human Resources Department, Risk Management Division, City of Houston
Government & Public Sector Division Vice Chair
Bradley Rosenthal
[email protected]
Cape May County
Government & Public Sector Division Secretary
Marilyn Rivers
[email protected]
Director Risk and Safety, Saratoga Springs
NSC Division Municipal Section Leader
Flavio Simon
[email protected]
Safety Officer, City of Houston
NSC Division Content Coordinator
Daniels I. David Daniels, MHRM, CSD, SHS, VPS
Site Safety Professional
Government & Public Sector Division Immediate Past Chair

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Public Eye on Safety is a resource for public sector administrators responsible for oversight and management of safety and health.

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