Safety Awards and Recognition

  • ​Are you looking for ways for your company to be acknowledged for its outstanding safety performance? Does your CEO lead with safety and inspire others to do the same? Has your team improved its safety performance in the last year? Do you have a remarkable individual who deserves recognition for his or her efforts in safety?

    Learn more about the variety of individual, team and corporate awards the Council offers.

  • Workplace and Safe Driver Awards

    Set your organization apart from your competition, and make employees proud to be part of your organization, with an award from NSC.​

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  • Rising Stars of Safety

    ​Showcases safety professionals younger than 40 with a track record of proven safety leadership.

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  • Community Advancement Award

    ​Recognizes employers who provide exemplary off-the-job safety and health programs.

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  • Green Cross for Safety

    Recognizes individuals and organizations for their contributions to the advancement of safety in the workplace, on the road, and in homes and communities.

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  • Marion Martin Award

    ​Celebrates women who have achieved professional excellence on the international, national, regional or local level and have helped pave the way to success for other women in safety.

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  • Robert W. Campbell Award

    ​For organizations that achieve business excellence by integrating environmental, health and safety management into their operations.

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  • Distinguished Service to Safety Award (DSSA)

    The highest honor bestowed on a safety professional by NSC, recognizes exemplary efforts and success in improving safety and health at work, on the road, and in the home and community.

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