NSC Scholarship Program

NSC Scholarship Program

The NSC Scholarship program has something for everyone – travel grants, cash awards, or tuition coverage for NSC Advanced Safety Certificate eligible courses. Applicants must be members; learn more about the free student membership here.

2021 Lorraine Pack Memorial Scholarship

Lorraine Pack inspired those around her to care for each other’s safety and protect the environment in which we live and work. She participated in Campbell Institute events and embraced the Institute’s focus on solving global environmental, health and safety challenges through innovation and research. During her life, Lorraine mentored women of all ages on what it takes to be an EHS professional, the importance of connecting with operational leaders, and inspiring employees to improve stewardship and lead with EHS. The Lorraine Pack Memorial Scholarship Fund, established by Laura Fiffick and Brittany Westphal and other generous donors, allows Lorraine's legacy to live on by inspiring young women to pursue careers in the EHS field.

NSC Congratulates D’Andrea Prim, the 2020 Lorraine Pack Memorial Scholarship recipient. Ms. Prim is a student at Oakland University in Rochester, Mich.This award will assist in her pursuits of a degree in EHS – environment, health and safety. Ms. Prim is the first recipient of this award.

The award is given to one or more female students per year who are interested in pursuing EHS or related fields. In addition to the tuition award, the Lorraine Pack Memorial Scholarship provides the opportunity to attend either the annual Campbell Institute Symposium or NSC Congress & Expo at no cost.

Apply through March 31, 2021.

Congress & Expo Scholarship

2019 NSC Scholarship winners on stage at NSC Congress & Expo

First awarded in 2017, this program provides student members full funding to attend the NSC Congress & Expo, the world's premier safety conference. In 2019, 10 individuals were selected for this honor. More about the 2021 scholarship opportunity coming soon.

The 2019 winners are:

  • Ciara Bazinski: Oakland University
  • Orji Chidiebere: University of Central Missouri
  • Patrick Delvernois: Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Alexander Hall: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Madison Layton: University of Findlay
  • Vishal Dipak Nathu: University of Cincinnati
  • Michael Victor Owen: West Virginia University
  • Ryan Papiernik: Oakland University
  • Maryam Sheikh: New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Victoria Ann Simpson: The University of Toledo

“The Congress and Expo and the affiliated receptions to which I was invited allowed me to network with fellow safety professionals. I bonded with my fellow scholarship recipients, spoke with vendors on the Expo floor about how to improve certain programs and projects at work, and learned really insightful information on how other companies and professionals handle similar situations. The value of my overall experience at the 2018 Congress and Expo cannot be measured. I felt wholly stimulated every moment I was there, both intellectually from the technical sessions, key note speakers and networking, and emotionally because being in a convention full of safety-minded people was like finding my tribe. Thank you!”


– Susan Ronhaar, 2018 Congress & Expo Scholarship Winner

Women in Safety Scholarship

Awarded for the first time in 2018, the Women in Safety Scholarship provides a renewable scholarship for women studying safety in the workplace. In addition to a tuition award, funding also is provided to attend the NSC Congress & Expo.

NSC congratulates Emily Rae Seiler, a student at Millersville University, the 2019 Women in Safety scholarship winner.

Any woman enrolled in a post-secondary program is eligible.

Apply through March 31, 2021.

“My favorite part would have to be attending the Women’s Caucus. … Being in this group I felt as though ‘women in safety’ is the next big inspirational movement. Safety is a field full of opportunity and being able to hear the stories of other women overcoming the challenges in the male dominated workplace was truly inspiring. This meeting was empowering and made me excited to be a woman in safety. Hopefully I will be able to share just how great it is to others.”

– Isabella Green, 2018 Women in Safety Scholarship Winner

Billy D. Young Memorial Scholarship

The NSC Construction & Utilities Division provides a scholarship each year in honor of Billy D. Young, a founder of the division. Apply through March 31, 2021.

NSC and the Construction & Utilities Division congratulates Lurri Schoenrock of Columbia Southern University and Julia Waszyn of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, the 2019 Billy D Young Scholarship Winners.

Undergraduates, community college or technical college students and individuals pursuing apprenticeship programs are eligible, provided they are interested in pursuing a career in utilities. In addition to a tuition award, funding also is provided to attend NSC Congress & Expo.

“The opportunity to meet such amazing people in the safety industry really allowed me to grow my love and passion for my safety career. From the keynote speakers, division meetings I attended, and technical sessions, the expo was filled with knowledgeable individuals that really opened my eyes to the future of safety…The weekend clearly showed me that I picked the right career path and how the NSC truly cares for its members and people within the safety industry.”

– Adam Klebba, 2018 Billy D. Young Scholarship Winner

Certificate Assistance Program

A part of the National Safety Council Scholarship program, the Certificate Assistance Program helps support individuals on a safety career path obtain their NSC Advanced Safety Certificate®. Recipients receive travel and lodging to either the NSC-Itasca or NSC-Atlanta locations to participate in ASC training. Through the ASC program, NSC teaches best practices to those who are transitioning into a safety career or are currently in safety roles within their organization and need additional professional development to create a more proactive process for safety and health.

Applications are reviewed and awarded quarterly. Apply today.

Be Part of the Process

Donate to the scholarship individually or as an organization. For more information, visit nsc.org/donate.